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About Us
We help our clients visualize and experience their design, as a desision making tool, using Interactive 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications. Visualizing a design using realtime 3D speeds up both the project validation and the sales processes.
We also help our clients create bespoke training and simulation 3D applications
Devoxyz was founded with a strong conviction: our aim is to provide technical solutions that allow our clients to focus on solving problems.
Visualization is understanding. Experience is essential.
Our Clients
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Using traditionnal 2D blueprints is easy for the technical team. But is it really easy for all the decision makers and the final customers ?

Using our interactive 3D applications, our customers speed up both the project validation and the sales processes. Interactive 3D is also a valuable way to communicate about the project, especially during the sales process. We build 3D simulations helping our clients to experience their design (architectural project, urban planning, Consumer Packaged Goods, innovative manufactured product).

In case of a complex design, our clients need to test strategic choices, different versions of the design.
3D applications also help our customers to acheive training solutions (manufacturing, industrial security, road safety,...) reducing costs using training scenarios that can't be recreated in real life (major incidents, multiple catastrophic events, dangerous situations).
DevOxyz team, with their 10+ years experience, will design and program the interactivity helping the client experience the choices and options using interactive 3D.

Our process

  • Experience a design

    How does this design work? What will this building look like in its environement? Is it functionnal? Is it accessible to reduced mobility visitors? Are these car's commands ergonomic enough? Why the traditionnal design experience does not help the client to solve the problem? How can our services help? These are some of the key questions we discuss with our clients to understand what they need.
    At this stage, if a 3D model of the design is available the client shares it with us.

    WonderThe client design is generally available in a standard 3D file format (Archicad, Autocad, FBX,...). If not available we can create the 3D model of the client design.

  • Our strength

    At this stage, with both the client visualization needs and the available technology knowledge, DevOxyz will conceive the design visualization solution.
    The strenght of DevOxyz methodology consists in using video game like technologies, narrative mechanisms and user interface to meet the client's design visualization challenge.

    WonderWe use cutting edge video game engines to build 3D simulations. Our 3D artists, game designers and game programmers team will create the finest technological solution to match our clients' needs.

  • Delivering the visualization solution

    The solutions we deliver rely on the latest video game related technologies to offer our clients advanced interactivity solving the design visualization challenge. This solution can be deployed as a dekstop PC or MacOSX application, an Internet browser embedded 3D application or a mobile device 3D application.

    WonderThe video game technologies we use allow us to achieve many types of simulations. Immersive virtual reality technologies can also be used to make your design visualization even more engaging.

Our Skills

  • 3D/Serious Game Application programming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Design Visualization
  • Software Development

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